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The Katrina Prize

The Katrina Prize: was Short Story Competition for Children and Young Adults aged 6 to 18 (2017)

The 2017 Katrina Prize

Following the launch of the Katrina Prize, as a result of a generous donation by Trevor Harris, in memory of his late wife, the Bardstown Writers’ Group invited local schoolchildren and young people to submit short stories on the theme of The Lost Ticket.

The word counts were 500 and 1,000 words respectively (younger and older age groups).

We had over 80 entries for the competition, and on 14 April 2017 the winners received a certificate of achievement, a typed copy of their story and a book token.

We were pleased to announce the following winners:

Ages 6-11

1st: Jamie Messett, who took us from 2000BC to an adventurous present-day lad called Charlie.

2nd: Arnav Gurudutt, who wrote about punctuality, or the lack of it.

3rd: Emma Ivanova, who gave us all a laugh with the adventures of a somewhat dysfunctional family.

Highly Commended: Mia Davis Byrne, who wrote a spooky story about how life can take a wrong turn.

Ages 12-18

 Ewan McGarr, whose story had a thoughtful, if not philosophical, element.

2nd: George Halstead. George’s story involved a nightmare, and some Latin.

3rd: Henry Ireland, whose story took us to a far-away place in the past.

The two winning stories are featured in full on the Stratford Herald website.

The prize-giving event on 14 April 2017 was attended by friends and family of the winners, Bardstown Writers’ members, Waterstones staff and Trevor Harris.

The Bardstown Writers thanked:

  • the head teachers and teachers who enabled the youngsters to take part
  • the young people who took the time and effort to submit their stories
  • the young people’s families for their support and encouragement
  • Waterstones for the use of the shop after hours
  • Tesco PLC for a donation towards refreshments for this community event

Trevor’s message to young people who didn’t receive a prize was: There is always next year and the following year, so don’t lose heart or give up trying.

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